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Our Critical Discovery

Interleukin 13 is a naturally occurring compound in the body that plays a role in the function of the immune system. The IL-13 receptor is found in most normal organs. In 1995, Dr. Waldemar Debinski, Targepeutics’ Founder and Consulting Scientific Officer, discovered that high-grade astrocytomas, the most prevalent and the deadliest form of brain cancer, over-express IL-13 receptors in numbers significantly higher than normal tissue. Additionally, Dr. Debinski discovered that high-grade astrocytomas, including glioblastoma multiforme, express a different, more restrictive IL-13 receptor.


  • Overexpressed on Cell Surface of Many Solid Tumor Types
  • Oncogene Driving Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion
  • Signaling Stimulating Cancer Proliferation
  • Blocks Innate Antitumor Immunity
  • Molecular Profile Established
    • Nanostring PanCancer 360 Panel

Our Approach: Specific Targeting

These discoveries led Dr. Debinski to develop mutated IL-13 based compounds that bind IL-13 receptors present in high-grade astrocytomas more tightly than normal tissue IL-13 receptors. Moreover, Targepeutics’ advanced compounds do not bind normal cell receptors with much less affinity, directed towards the more restrictive IL-13 receptors expressed on cancer cells. The specificity of the mutated IL-13 molecules makes them ideal candidates for drugs as well as imaging and diagnostic applications for the management of brain, pancreas, head and neck, and skin cancers.

Infusion and Targepeutics established joint development agreement MoU.

Mechanism of Action

TPI-013 Delivery by Convection Enhanced Delivery

Targepeutics’ technology involves genetically engineering the IL-13 molecule that is naturally present in the body to a modified form that binds the normal IL-13 receptor, but does not activate the signaling from the receptor. Thus, Targepeutics’ compounds should effectively negate the role of endogenous IL-13 by a double mechanism of blocking receptors and inhibiting signaling. Neutralizing natural IL-13 has demonstrated a marked increase in the body’s ability to fight off cancer cells and tumors (NIH study).Targepeutics has multiple generations of advanced mutated IL-13 molecules that will be well suited to play a major role in the field of cancer immunotherapy, helping the body’s natural immune system fight the cancer alone or in combination with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

TPI-013 Delivery by Convection Enhanced Delivery

  • Cleveland Multiport Catheter by Infuseon
  • State-of-the art 510(k) cleared CED
  • Four flexible anti-backflow micro-catheters
  • Predictable delivery to tumor volume
  • Conventional neuronavigation placement

“We are passionate about medicine and confident about our impact on future medical care of patients. Through our expertise we discover & develop new therapies that will revolutionize medical care.” 

Lynn W. Maines, Ph.D., M.B.A. Vice President, Business Development & Operations