Equity Investments

After substantial developments, Dr. Debinski has successfully mutated two new generations of IL-13 compounds that have very little affinity to bind with normal cells. Dr. Debinski’s completion of this development will allow Targepeutics to move its lead compound, GB-13, into Phase I clinical trials for high-grade glioma (brain cancer) with only $4 million of initial capital.

The Company is now seeking additional equity investments to advance GB-13 into Phase II clinical trials and bring a second compound, a vaccine and imaging reagents to clinical trials. By any measure, these sums are extraordinarily low for bringing a compound this deeply into clinical trials. Targepeutics will use preliminary GB-13 Phase II results to recruit management, scientists, and hold a $10-15 million mezzanine round to set up facilities and complete further clinical trials.

Innovation. Discovery. This is the spirit that drives Targepeutics, a start-up company with a brilliant future.


Immediate Demand

With more than 10 million new cancer cases worldwide this year, cancer clearly remains one of the largest under-served medical markets. Inadequate treatment alternatives, characterized by limited efficacy and high levels of toxic side effects, create an immediate demand for new cancer treatments. Targepeutics’ research and numerous collaborating studies indicate that several forms of cancer that include brain, breast, kidney, melanoma, pancreas and colon, in a constantly growing list, can be effectively treated with new targeting therapies yielding greater efficacy while producing far fewer adverse side effects. The incidence of our disease targets is substantial and represents a multi-billion dollar annual market.


For Cancer Treatment

(US patients per year)

  • Brain over 8,000
  • Head & Neck over 55,000
  • Melanoma over 8,000
  • Pancreas over 32,000
  • Breast over 180,000
  • Colon over 93,000

For Cancer Imaging

Our imaging compounds are projected to reach well over 100,000 applications a year. For brain cancer alone, over 40,000 annual diagnostic tests are performed in the U.S. Additionally, monthly and then biannual follow-up tests after GB-13 treatment will be required for the over 8,000 newly diagnosed patients yearly and existing 8,000 patient market.


For Asthma

Over 15 million Americans suffer from asthma, of which 5 million are children. The properties of Targepeutics’ IL-13 related compounds are particularly well suited for use in children as the safety profile should be superior to many or all of the current asthma therapies.

With manufacturing of their first compound complete, Targepeutics’ path to clinical trials is clear. Coupled with their entire portfolio of compounds, Targepeutics’ future looks extraordinary.